Verizon welcomes FCC vote on Spectrum Frontiers Order

Washington, July 14, 2016 – The Federal Communications Commission today approved the “Spectrum Frontiers Order,” adopting new rules that will make millimeter wave spectrum available for new uses, including 5G wireless broadband. The following statement should be attributed to Craig Silliman, Verizon’s general counsel and executive vice president for public policy:

“The FCC’s decision today to make thousands of megahertz of high frequency spectrum available will be a critical building block in our country’s 5G future. The decision to make this spectrum available for commercial use right now will help ensure that the U.S. maintains its leadership position in wireless communications.

5G has the potential to completely transform the connectivity marketplace. 5G will be exponentially faster and better than current wireless broadband. It will lead to more consumer choice for home broadband and connect many more devices to accommodate the explosion of the Internet of Everything. Verizon is looking forward to continuing to lead the way to this future by deploying commercial 5G service next year and unleashing the benefits of this high frequency spectrum.”

SOURCE: Verizon